b. May 13th, 1974. Camagüey, Cuba

Havana and Miami-based artist Alain Pino was born in 1974 in Camagüey, Cuba. Pino is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist who deftly crosses artistic borders - painter, draftsman, printmaker, photographer and sculptor. He is a graduate of the Instituto Superior de Arte.

Pino is a co-founder, with Niels Moleiro and Mario Miguel González (Mayito), of the artist collective The Merger. He remained in the group for eight years, departing in 2017. During his time with The Merger, he was afforded the opportunity to further explore his varied disciplines while focusing on bridging conceptual and pop, without rejecting the academic.

Prior to his work with The Merger, Pino enjoyed success as a solo artist, exhibiting throughout Cuba, the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America.