ART ZEALOUS: 30 Under 30

Interview by: Yacine Fall

AZ: When did you realize you wanted to be a curator full time? What were you doing before this?

BT: I have always been interested in the art world — specifically collecting and curating work from different cultures. Cuba, for me, was the catalyst of change from a career in the hospitality world as the Membership Manager of Soho House New York & Soho Beach House Miami to Bryant Toth Fine Art, a pop-up gallery concept, and Cuban Art Curator.

The moment I disembarked on Cuban soil roughly six years ago, I quickly identified a real thriving, captivating culture. Everything is decidedly Cuban – the art, music, culture, and community. There is honestly no place like it. The explosion of culture and lively rhythm parading through the dimly lit streets, the colorful architectural facades, and the joyful and kind demeanor of the Cuban people – they all weave together to create a truly striking yet captivating place. Bryant Toth Fine Art was created from an appreciation of Cuba, its culture and creative talents.

AZ: Your ultimate goal in the art world?

BT: I am not only committed to introducing under-represented Cuban artists to new markets, but also to challenge the gallery-based model that currently dominates the art world. Through experience-focused exhibitions and collaborations, my goal is to create emotional connections through each of my shows—first and foremost around the art, but also accompanied by music, design, aesthetic, and community.

AZ: Who do you idolize within your profession? Dream collaboration?

BT: It’s difficult to name just one individual who I idolize within my profession—I choose to pull inspiration from multiple industries that I strive to encompass within my Gallery concept: Danny Meyer’s honest approach to hospitality; Soho House’s idea of community; and Fábrica de Arte Cubano’s emphases of collaboration. My dream is to collaborate Art x Music x Hospitality x Culture—there are many dream collaborations within these individual fields.

AZ: How would you describe the work you curate?

BT: I try to curate an experience. Art is the main focus but the environment which surrounds the works serve as complements. With that said, that work is, and will always be, decidedly Cuban and true to its history. You can see for yourself at my Hector Frank exhibition, Cuba to New York, which will be on view November 3rd – November 10th at Gallery 151.