Patrick Church

b. 1991. Oxford, United Kingdon


Patrick is a British multimedia artist currently living and working in New York City. He paints from a personal and provocative point of view, fueled with passionate personal memoirs baring his successes and failures, riddled with humiliation and desire in turn. Blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, the work boldly explores sexuality and sensibility through vivid color and text, juxtaposing vulnerability with fearlessness; reflective of Patrick’s own character. 

Exploring the use of paint, his work strives for impact through layering, texture and manipulation to create increased depth and connection. This results in impressions that are unpolished and unrefined, retaining the raw emotion that inspired their existence. His paintings retain an air of humor in their most obvious state, paramount to the artist’s DNA; a hint of juvenile liberation and rebellion from any confines from the art world. 

Patrick is supported by contemporary fashion platform Opening Ceremony and championed by celebrated art historian and curator Norman Rosenthal. His coveted hand painted fashion pieces are collected by the likes of Madonna, SZA, Kendall Jenner and Teyana Taylor whilst his paintings can be found in private collections in London, Dubai, New York, Miami and Russia. 

'Drive Thru' will be Patrick's first solo exhibition stateside. 

My work has always been a direct response to my life. It stems from my private point of view and my intimate interactions with love and sexuality. Nudes and portraits reign supreme within my work, side by side with bright colors, exaggerated features and manipulation of the human form as well as my fascination with hand painted declarations of love. This new series builds upon some of the aspects I have explored before, however being deeply personal my art evolves with me and as I have moved through a series of changes since moving abroad I feel has undoubtedly reflected through my work. 

Drive-thru explores my journey to America, how coming here has been more fast-paced than one could imagine. Marriage, love and my work all developed so quickly making it hard to keep up with the range of emotions and all aspects of change I was moving through; my transition mimicked America's fast paced consumerism as this exhibition does too. 

This new exhibition encompasses fashion pieces as well as paintings, with the fascination of American consumerism at its core. For the fashion pieces I wanted to explore a move away from hand painting into production; using repetitive imagery, a warped sense of glamour, staged and narrative perfection, all aspects of my interpretation exist as parallel to my drive-thru experience of America. 

Drive Thru comes from the act of driving without looking back, charged with determination and speed; which translated into my own life as fast love, fast change. In the midst of it all, I wanted to take a pause, a space to go beyond. To take time to notice something soft and tender. This new exhibition does not have all the bright colors, exaggerated ideals and candid nature of my previous work, but for me it is a more sensual, tongue in cheek and perhaps discreetly vivacious expression of my world.